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One single command and you're building your first (or fifty-th!) Node.js CLI with coding best practices.

Terminal (Shell)
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# CLI in under a minute.
npx create-node-cli



The easiest way to create a Node.js CLI in under a minute — it's free.


  • 📦 Create a Node.js CLI in a minute
  • 🤯 Automatic argument parsing, help text, and welcome message
  • 🗃️ History to maintain the last input data like the Author name, email, and URL

You should know!

Awais taught and created this CLI project in his automation course which is a free online course for Node.js developers


Step-by-step guides to setting up your system and installing the library.

Architecture guide

Learn how the internals work and contribute.

Basic usage

Extend the library with third-party plugins or write your own.

Learn to create advanced CLIs with Awais. 100 videos and 22 projects.